The Foundation

Our Mission

treebwChristopher Foundation for the Arts (CFFTA) is guided by the desire to encourage the individual creative process through advocating the extraordinary cultural and global benefits of artistic expression. The creative process builds bridges between individuals and nations. Artistic expression stimulates the imagination, creates new ways of seeing, nurtures spiritual awareness, exposes and breaks social barriers, instigates equality, and helps to cultivate a greater internal emotional understanding. Art inspires play, thought, and adventure. Art improves academic achievement by assisting in the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Art is not only a necessity, art is a fundamental tool for self-expression. We believe the opportunity to express one’s self, one’s own unique perspective, is a vey important basic human right that is a critical link in the evolution of mankind. CFFTA’s mission is to be a voice and advocate for the positive influence of art and the creative process for a better tomorrow.

Social Impact

The impressive social contributions of CFFTA, across the world, began in 1947 through the celebrated efforts of Frank Christopher (1920-2005). With the many and varied creative initiatives that have been implemented since then, everyone associated with CFFTA has added to making our world, a better world, through advancing the creative process both individually and collectively. With cultural exchange initiatives and exhibitions conducted in over thirty five countries, the donating of art supplies – 25,000 boxes of crayons, magic markers and colored pencils distributed in the United States since 2012, to contributing monetarily to many domestic and international art related programs and museums, to presenting and promoting artists and their talents to the world. The efforts of CFFTA and its members have been socially documented in newspaper and magazine articles, radio interviews, television appearances, documentaries, books and social media since the 1950’s. CFFTA has had a significant social impact throughout the world in promoting the substantial importance of the arts and the creative process. CFFTA strives to connect humanity and bridge the cultural indifferences between peoples and nations of the world, through their very committed and passionately focused creative programs, affiliations, exchanges, and offerings. CFFTA’s social implications have been and continue to be immense. We continue to move the creative artistic process forward and that is positive for the betterment of humanity and society. A work of art never stops breathing. CFFTA has made a difference, through the arts since 1947, and we graciously and passionately continue to do so today.

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