Board of Directors


    Scott’s proven results for a better world stem from his intense immersion with the creative artistic process and its importance to society beginning as a young boy. Since the 1950’s Scott has successfully participated in the arts on a high level both domestically and internationally. As the subject in several of his father’s award winning photographic compositions exhibited in photographic art salons, to creating cultural art exchanges in the United States, Romania, France, China and many other countries across the globe. Scott knows the incredible powers of the artistic creative process. As an accomplished artist himself and a noted ambassador of the arts, traveling as an art ambassador to over thirty countries to promote and advance the creative process, Scott has experienced the amazing results of the various CFFTA programs and its initiatives for his entire life, from the 1950’s forward to today. Scott has been Executive Director of CFFTA since 2005.



    Elizabeth Christopher is an internationally recognized artist and published writer. Elizabeth studied art history at the University of London, and art, photography and poetry at Bowdoin College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1986. After college, she continued her artistic exploration in New York City. As part of this artistic immersion, she studied design at Parsons School of Design and The New York Botanical Garden, and creative writing at New York University. Elizabeth’s artistic mission is to encourage self-exploration, and to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us and imbues each of our personal journeys. Her creative streams are fed by personal excavation, nature, global travel, fashion and design, and shared life experiences with other cultures. Artistic assignments have taken her to over 25 countries, including China, France, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Chile/ Easter Island, Mexico, Ecuador/ Galapagos Islands, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Greece and others. Her work is visionary, intuitive and emotional, and has been noted as, “seeming to emanate from a deep inner vibration.” Elizabeth currently has studios in Chelsea/New York City and Santa Fe/New Mexico.



    As a recognized third generation photographic artist, Brook is represented in New York City and Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is an official photographer for Boys Town of New York, the New York Junior League and Lighthouse for the Blind. She is also a director of Christopher Foundation for the Arts, which promotes creative development and cultural artistic exchanges throughout the world. She is an active member of the New York Junior League, an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, and improving communities.


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