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  • Museums are a time capsule of progression and regression; they hold the very history of our global creative evolution as a human species. Museums help to establish a personal identity as an anthropological culture despite our similarities and differences. It is through the looking back we are able to find opportunities for growth and forward […]

  • As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and whether a communities contributions are voluntary or involuntary it remains inevitable that environmental influences set the foundation for personal development, growth, and social perceptions. Research has shown, not only does a community directly affect the health of a child, community can also […]

  • The significance of Art Education in schools cannot be undervalued and its catalytic qualities for positive influence underestimated. In the early years art has been described as the essential building blocks contributing to the framework of child development: motor skills, language, visual learning, imagination, decision making, and problem solving. Art education continues to be the […]

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