• CFFTA Director, Brook Christopher, and CFFTA Ambassador of Goodwill, Christine Drinan, donated art supplies to children living in a Nubian Village in Aswan, Egypt in 2015.

  • CFFTA financed the purchase of all art materials necessary for a one week Rogue Foundation program, that was conducted under the leadership of Rogue Foundation President, Kevin O’Hanlon, in the Democaratic Republic of Congo. CFFTA financed the purchase of enough supplies for forty children to paint for a week, and to leave in the art school that was constructed by Rogue Foundation.

  • This film is an artistic statement about ART – its nature, and its significance in a world “redesigned”. The philosophy and storyline are developed through the presentation of the life, times, and works of American artist, Dean Howell.

Created by WEBOYO